August Sun is an original 5 piece rock n' roll band from the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The band began in early 2016 with the original compositions of singer/songwriter, guitarist, and front man Christian Walsh.  He recruited his two long time friends, Jonny Hampton on drums and Aidan Robinson on bass guitar, as well as Tony Whittaker on keyboards, all doing back up vocal harmonies.  Michael Chiang was brought on as second guitar and with the departure of Aidan Robinson, Brendan Brose has been brought in on bass guitar.

  The music is original rock n' roll with folk and punk flavorings, as well as influences from other genres, jazz, blues, etc, but sticking true to the rock n' roll roots.  Sometimes its fast and high-energy, sometimes its slow and harmonious, like all good rock bands should be.  Educated harmony and driving rhythm along with wonderful melodies and beautiful overtones, August Sun puts on a fun and rockin' show that will have your toes tapping and your feet jumping off the ground!

The band will release its debut album in early 2018 and begin promoting it in California and eventually across the states, planning on a life of rock n' roll!